Does Your Business Really Need a Website?

“Does my small business really need a website?”

It seems that is one of the most frequently asked question we get here at Combined Creative.

Did you know that in the UK alone, online sales exceeded £130 billion last year – one hundred and thirty billion pounds. Now ask yourself the question again “does my small business really need a website?”

The ease of the internet has seen fewer people seek for products and service through the yellow pages or phone book. In fact those days have long gone and have been replaced with the search and click days.

Even if your business is small and sells products or services that you don’t believe would benefit from being online, without a doubt you should at least have an online presence so people can find you. Never dismiss how many people actually use Google to find someone in their local area to help fix a broken window, or a leaking tap etc.

Having a website doesn’t mean that you focus all your budget and time into selling online.  You can still actively trade from your shop or office, having a website allows for potential customers, employees or business partners to find out the information they seek about you.

However, it’s simply not enough to have just a website. Your business website needs to look professional otherwise you won’t be taken seriously. Customers usually search online prior to making a purchase, so it’s essential that your website gives a credible impression. A website should be an important part of your business and you should treat it as one – it’s your shop window.

“I cannot afford to spend loads of money on a website”

Simple answer: You don’t have to! We have helped many startup businesses in the past and the misconception is that it will cost them thousands to have a website developed. We tell our clients that what you pay for a website, you will more than likely get back from a single person who found you via the Internet – that 1 job that turns into a regular client or a few purchases of a certain item that is then seen by all their friends etc, they pay for your website – not you.

“My mate Keith says I can knock together a website for nothing”

Great! Make sure the site is mobile friendly; is Search Engine Optimised; is coded correctly and ticks all the boxes that Google wants, so you get onto Page 1. Oh and make sure you market the site, no point in having a website just sitting there and expecting people to visit.

Yes you can download free templates or use a website builder etc but it’s free for a reason – it’s not very effective.

“How can you help?”

We do more than just build a website we think looks pretty. We will research the industry you’re in, will look at competitor’s websites and make sure that everything they offer, is also offered on you site + more. We will also help market your site for you, be it via all the major search engines, social media, email marketing or a video on Youtube maybe.

If you’re interested in us helping you then do get in touch – we’re a friendly bunch 🙂

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